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Hurricane season is upon us

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hurricane season starts June first, and Emergency Management Officials say now is the time to prepare. But that can be challenging for people in the more than 1,000 homes that were affected by spring storms.

Many of those families are still flooded out, but EMA directors say even they need to get ready for what summer may bring.

You can clearly see the dirt through the floor boards in what used to be Fred Glass' living room of Fred Glass' home.

"We had to tear out all of the damaged materials, floors, dry wall and fortunately we didn't have any personal items. We got all that out," said Glass.

And he says it will be at least another month and a half before he can move back home. "I have never gone through something like this and it's a very devastating experience."

Hurricane Season is almost here. "This year is going to be similar to last year with probably 12 named storms, with 6 hurricanes, two of them severe," said EMA Deputy Director Jim Vaught.

And that is additional stress for everyone still trying to recover. "Hurricane season brings with it heavy rains. And every time there is heavy rains especially after you've been flooded you are on pins and needles," said Glass.

But no matter where you may be with your recovery, the message hasn't changed. "The same thing we say every year. Have a plan and go over that plan with your family," said Vaught.

That plan should include an evacuation plan. "Where are you going to meet if you get separated.  Put together a survival kit. If a storm comes through our area and knocks out all of the power, you need to be prepared for at least three days."

Homeowners should also have the trees on their property inspected so that any limbs that were damaged by heavy rain or wind don't become projectiles during future severe weather events.

With hurricanes, effected households have time to prepare. "Anyone who is in the danger area of flooding is that they make preparations as much as they can before hand," said Vaught.

Families should also include their pets in their storm plans. Make sure you know where a pet friendly shelter is located to keep them safe as well. You can click here for more on hurricane preperations.


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