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Buy a handmade gift for Christmas

December 5, 2002

Colquitt County - If you want to add a splash of color under the Christmas tree, why not buy a creative gift?

The Colquitt County Arts Center is having a Holiday Art Sale. Southwest Georgia artists of all ages have pictures and sculptures on display, including a unique medium called paper pulp painting.

Georgia Rowswell of Cook County is not originally from Georgia. She says, "I love the tall trees around here, flat land, big sky, been focusing on that."

The artist has put Georgia's beauty on paper with paper. She explains, "People have told me I captured the spirit of the land, that makes me happy."

Georgia's textured technique is called paper pulp painting. She tears up paper raw material, puts it in water, blends it and adds color. She also has unique paper mache sculptures. She laughs, "I'm from New York, I came here and didn't eat okra, so I put it in my art."

Georgia's art is displayed in the same room as other South Georgia artists and kids work, all on sale for the holidays. Colquitt County Arts Center Executive Director, Becca Turner, says, "Anything you can imagine. We also have stain glass windows and sun catchers as well."

No item is priced above $200, most are under $50. Georgia says it's worth a browse to discover talent from this area.

You can shop at the Colquitt County Arts Center everyday, except Sunday until December 18.

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