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Multi-county scammers hunted by sheriff



December 5, 2002

Worth Co.-- Homeowners are urged to beware of thieves claiming they need to measure your house. “If you don't know them, don't let them in,” Says Worth Co. Sheriff Freddie Tompkins.

Detectives are looking for two men who are conning the elderly and burglarizing homes around South Georgia.

A warning today for homeowners in the counties lining both sides of Interstate 75. "Residents should watch out for strangers wanting to get in the house to measure it," said Sheriff Thompkins.

Because what they really are sizing up is you and the stuff you have in your house, that they'd like to have. Bertie Corey learned that the hard way. "They had tape measures and all measuring trailer how long and how wide it was, I didn't pay any attention to them," said Corey.

It sounded like a great deal, free skirting around the house to help save on heating bills, but it actually ended up costing Miss Corey a lot of money. "One would go in the front, a little later the other would go in the back, looking for money," Thompkins said.

"Noticed something wrong, got the little safe out of it, with my pictures, and the little money I had." The two men, driving a dark, or black car have visited three homes in Atkinson County as Social Security workers, Coffee County as Medicare workers, and Worth and Crisp Counties as a power crew. Always at homes owned by senior citizens.

"Want everybody to know so they can be on lookout for them and pray they catch them," said Corey.

For that, detectives they say they'll need you to call police immediately when anyone suspicious comes to visit. Detectives say they see more door to door scams like this in Georgia during the Winter.

It's possible the men are working their way down Interstate 75 and might be near Valdosta this week.

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