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Minister loses home, two cars to fire



December 5, 2002

Albany--  The Minister of the Leesburg Church of Christ is known for helping others. Now his friends are coming to Roger's aid in his time of need.

Milton Rogers awoke at 5:00 Sunday morning to find his Albany home in flames. Rogers said "The exhaust fan here malfunctioned, an electrical fire. And then it spread through the roof, to the car, and the car was engulfed in flames when we woke up. Also my truck. The main thing is we got out alive, and that is what counts."

The Rogers family ran from their home on West Alberson in their pajamas. Almost everything in the home was destroyed by the fire, smoke, and water. "Then we also had our family pictures and this is her artwork. Some of it might be able to be saved, but you can't repair thing like this," Rogers said.

Both of the Rogers cars were destroyed in the blaze. Known as the Feeding Preacher because of his Food Bank work for the poor, Roger's truck bed is still full of bread he collected. "But the sense of humor is, now they are 'brown and serve' rolls."

Now Rogers friends and church are helping his family. They are staying in a friends home. Others have loaned them cars to drive and clothes to wear. Rogers said "It's ironic, I have always helped people who were burned out. And now I'm on the receiving end."

Despite the fire, Milton Rogers says he feels blessed. "We didn't get injured. We are very fortunate. Some people are not as fortunate as we are."

Roger's friends have opened an account for anyone who would like to help his family rebuild. You can send your donations to:

SunTrust Bank
attention Tammy Howell.
P.O. Box 1247
Albany Georgia 31702

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