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Georgia Lottery sales up

December 5, 2002

Albany --Despite the bad economic times, the Georgia lottery is having another record sales year. 5 months into its calendar year, the Georgia lottery is 58 million dollars ahead of last year.

And last year the lottery had a record One billion, 499 million dollars in sales.

 Georgia Lottery director Rebecca Paul said "There are 38 states in the country that have lotteries plus the District of Columbia. In half the states revenues are up, and half the revenues are down. So it has more to do with the games you introduce, how you market and advertise your product, and how you operate as a business, than it does on what the economy is doing."

This is the tenth year of the Georgia lottery. All the money raised goes toward Hope Scholarship, Pre-K programs, Computer technology, and capital outlay programs for Georgia schools.

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