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Keeping the troops fed



December 5, 2002

Albany-- If the United States goes to war, who will feed the American soldiers? The Army National Guard's food service put on a demonstration of their capabilities Thursday.

Despite the rain and cold, the military chefs of the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Brigade were cooking. A Mobile Field Kitchen was set up at Albany Tech, to show the students a part of National Guard life.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Araujo said, "We can do anything that you can do in a standardized kitchen in a regular restaurant." Araujo was deployed to Bosnia two years ago, feeding up to 1,200 soldiers a day in the same style kitchen.

"So I know first hand what it's like to be in a field enviornment, in inclimate weather. This is our bread and butter right here. No matter what the weather, soldiers have to be fed."

Frying chicken, with sweet potatoes, and corn were prepared for the students. These National Guard chefs take great pride in their food.

Sgt. Araujo said "They are our customers. If we didn't have soldiers to support and feed, we wouldn't have a job." The Georgia National Guard chefs were second in the nation two years ago in the Connelly Award, given to the best military food operations.

The Georgia National Guard food services program is made up of 400 civilian soldiers. They feed 9,000 troops during duty times.

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