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String of Albany burglaries have residents on alert

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A string of reported burglaries in Albany have nearby residents concerned for their belongings and their safety tonight.

Yesterday at least three residential burglaries were reported all in the daytime and in two of them thieves entered through the front door or window, seeming to not care about who could be watching.

Dennis Frazier and his fiance live off Baldwin Drive in Albany just across the street from a home that was burglarized Friday in broad daylight.

"I hate that that happened," he says.

Thieves were busy yesterday. The burglary reported off Baldwin Drive wasn't the only one. A home off Robinson Street and another off South Washington Street were hit too. And all the incidents were reported happening in the early afternoon for everyone to see.

But Dennis isn't surprised.

"It's the economy. A lot more people going to more extremes to make quicker money. Lots of people losing their jobs," he says.

Knowing his neighbor was burglarized yesterday he's glad he already takes extra steps to stay safe.

"I just got engaged and my fiance will be moving in soon. So I changed all the  locks and got new dead bolts," he says.

He also makes sure all windows are securely locked when he leaves his home.

And he made one smart investment he encourages everyone to do- he bought a security system.

"You can't be too safe, only 20 dollars a month and it's worth it," says Frazier.

Dennis also has one more bit of advice. He was burglarized once before - by someone that had been in his home before...a friend of a friend so to speak.

"Know who's in your home."

Good advice during trying economic times. When thieves seem to be going the extra mile for a buck.

In yesterday's burglaries items like purses, DVD players, and cash were reported stolen.

Although those aren't big items victims we spoke with today say they want justice and can only hope they aren't hit again.

No arrests have been made in any of the cases.


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