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Owens sell long time sporting goods business

December 4, 2002

Albany --An Albany family sells its 53 year old business, Owens Sporting Goods. The new owners will continue to use the well know name at the same location, while the Owens family is starting over Downtown.

 Ron Owens restocking his new store, in the same building his well known family business was headquartered for nearly 30 years.

 Owens said "You bet it was emotional. Letting someone else own and run the family business with your name on it."

Ron's father Dutch Owens started Owens Sporting Goods and Hardware in downtown Albany in 1949. They moved the store into this building in the 200 block of West Broad in the 1960-s, and stayed there until the 1994 flood.

Wednesday morning the Owens family completed the sale of their business, and will start a new fitness and sports business called Bloch Brothers.

Owens said "It's my mother's maiden name. Her grandfather and father started Bloch Brothers back in the late 1800's in Selma, Alabama. And it was really the beginning of the Owens family involvement in retail business."

Bloch Brothers will sell fitness equipment and bicycles, as well as repair and maintain all brands of that equipment. Richard Denison and Gordon Back will continue to use the Owens Sporting Goods name, at the William Street store. They will sell team and general sporting goods.

Richard Denison said "We didn't want to change, we wanted to keep it Owens. And make it a family, household name again."

Ron Owen is starting Block Brothers with his son Jamie, continuing his family's business tradition. He said being part of the renovation of Downtown Albany is important to the new business.

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