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Peppermint Pops spurs art education

December 3, 2002

Albany- Hundreds of people attended the 11th annual Peppermint Pops. Not only did they get a chance to listen to the music but they participated as well. Something many educators say is very important.

"Arts education is tremendously important, especially music, because it develops the physical as well as the mental side of your intelligence," says Dougherty County Superintendent of Music Jesse Walker.

This year a combined chorus from all four high school performed. Parents of the chorus and orchestra students say music education has been a key to their children's success in other subjects.

"My son's grade level has improved dramatically. I believe it's because of music because music is important," says parent Ali Harris.

Both parents and teachers say they hope programs like Peppermint Pops will help keep arts education in the schools.

State Senator Michael Von Bremen says keeping and enhancing arts education in schools will be a focus for him during the upcoming legislative session.

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