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Albany bike giveaway

December 3, 2002

Albany -- The Albany Police Department is helping some disadvantaged children have a Merry Christmas while also clearing out the stolen property yard. Albany Police have 110 unclaimed bicycles recovered in the past year.

Bikes not claimed in two weeks will be given to area churches to distribute to people in need. The Police would rather return the bikes to their owners, so you have two weeks to bring your paperwork and claim a missing bike.

Lt. Hosea Miller said "Such as serial numbers, model numbers, make of bicycle, any kind of paperwork that would actually describe the bicycle. Or if they have any kind of engraving on the bicycle, they can come down and describe that to us, and we will check the bicycle against that."

To claim a stolen bike, you must bring some proof of ownership to the Police. Churches that want to take part in the Police bicycle giveaway program should turn in request letters by Monday.

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