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Sylvester seniors wait on city storm repairs

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SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - William Butler has been going to the Mary Alice Shipp Senior Center since it opened. "It's a beautiful family that we have at this center here, and we all love one another except for Ann, said Butler jokingly.

And says it holds a special place in his heart. "I met my wife here, and she's a darling too." But now he and his family are crammed into a smaller room in the Woolard Community Center. "Oh, I miss that old place. I miss it so much I wish we were back there."

Since the move many of the activities they used to do, like bingo and exercise classes, had to be canceled because of the lack of space. That leaves them with just crossword puzzles and board games.

"We had a TV. We had a game room. We just enjoyed that place over there. We had a fish pond next to us and a good place for picnics, said Butler. But it was that pond that overflowed and flooded not only the center, but the gym of the building they are now in.

"We had someone come in immediately to clean up. So that helped a lot and we have received quotes to repair it," said Sylvester City Manager, Debbie Bridges.

Worth County was one of the later counties to be declared a federal disaster slowing the clean up a little bit. But the city is now working with a project manager from GEMA. "The quicker we can get back there, the better we are all going to be," said Butler.

And city officials hope they will be back in their home away from home by next month. Bids to repair the The Shipps Senior Center have already been submitted. Sylvester's city commission will vote on them next Monday.


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