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Trucking through North Georgia ice

December 3, 2002

Albany - An ice storm warning has been issued for tomorrow night for parts of North Georgia. Roads could be icy causing major problems for drivers. Truck drivers especially have to keep an eye out for dangerous situations.

Lee Barber spends most of his time behind the wheel. He says, "The most problem we have would be rain." Barber is a truck driver for Southeastern Freight Lines in Albany. He doesn't deal with icy conditions often, but some of his co-workers do. Barber explains, "If they get where they can't go, our company would tell them if you can't make it don't try it. Stop it, shut it down until weather changes."

They haul freight to the Atlanta area and as far as Greensboro, North Carolina. Drivers are keeping an eye on the roads and the weather. Service Center Manager, Steve Greenfield, says, "Conditions have to be pretty bad. A truck is heavier more stable, where the danger lies are lighter vehicles around him. They tend to slip and slide and get tangled up in big vehicles."

Safety reps from their South Carolina headquarters evaluate areas and detour trucks around dangerous situations. Until then, drivers like Barber will keep on trucking.

Southeastern Freight Lines will send up to ten drivers on the road Tuesday night. They'll evaluate the weather again Wednesday to make sure roads are safe.

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