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Home protection class being offered in Colquitt County

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After a recent rash of violent home invasions in Colquitt County, the Sheriff's office is arming residents with information they need to fight back.

The Sheriff's office is offering classes to burglar proof homes. Additional sessions will be held for homeowners who want to learn proper gun use.

Home invasions and burglaries seem to be a problem in just about every southwest Georgia county. When a group of men opened fire on several people during a string of four home invasions in Colquitt County two weeks ago, the Sheriff's office was already preparing to arm residents with information to keep their homes safe.

"Some folks seem to think it's all going to be about firearms and so forth and that's not all what it's going to be about. There are a lot of ways you can protect your home without even owning a firearm," said Colquitt County Drug Enforcement Team Commander Jerry Green.

Commander Jerry Green says it's as simple as making sure the right lock is on your door, and the right door is on your home.

"If you have outside doors in your home that have glass, then you would want to have a double cylinder deadbolt lock," said Green.

Meaning a key would be necessary to open the door if the glass was broken. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are good for solid doors, because they allow you to exit a home more easily in the event of a fire. Solid doors are also more difficult to break. To burglar proof windows, Commander Green has an inexpensive solution to secure them.

"A simple thing like drilling a hole, through right about here at a downward angle and using a screw that would bind the front frame to the rear frame and it would make it impossible for that window to be lifted," said Green.

For those who feel more comfortable with a fire arm in the house, instructors will also have tips on how the gun can be secured safely and will even walk homeowners though how to use them.

"We'll even talk about ammunition, what kind of ammunition works, what doesn't work so forth and so one. We'll talk about the limitations of firearms, the danger of firearms," said Green.

Neighborhood watch groups can also go a long way towards making thieves think twice if they know neighbors might be watching and turn them in.

The Sheriff's office has already filled up the first class, but they'll continue to offer the session as long as residents are interested.

The first class is May 19th at the Colquitt County Drug Enforcement Team Building. You can call the Sheriff's Office at (229)616-7460 to sign up.


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