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Raw sewage forces several families out of their homes

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - 16 Thomas County families have until May 31st to move their mobile homes because of a 30 year old sewer plant that violates health regulations.

That plant has to be closed for repairs.

But the low-income families who live there say they can't afford to move, and they feel like they have nowhere to turn.

Lorene Gurley and her daughter Brittany have lived in Twin Oaks Mobile Home Park for 5 years.

"I love my home, that's all," says Lorene.

But on April 27th, they got a letter asking them to move their home by May 31st.

A task easier said, than done. Lorene only has a part-time job and doesn't make much money.

"I want to get into college. If mom moves the trailer and takes that money, I won't be able to go to college," says Brittany.

The park was sold in a foreclosure sale on april 7th to Robert Glover, with Glover Real Estate.

Now, he's asking residents living in the back portion of the park to move. Because 16 mobile homes are serviced by the sewer plant, which violates several health codes, and needs repairs costing an estimated $250,000.

"It has been raw sewage backing into people's homes, raw sewage all over the ground," says Environmental Health specialist, Shemika Lucas, with the Thomas county health department.

Unlivable conditions that no one wants to live in. But at the same time, can't afford to move away from.

Lorene would have to pay $1800 to move her home.

"It's just like sleeping and waking up not knowing what the next day is going to bring. I dont have anywhere to go," she says.

Lula Owens lives down the road in Twin Oaks.

She raised her children here. A home full of fond memories she doesn't want to leave behind.

"For someone to give you a piece of paper and tell you you have to be uprooted after 17 years - it's very stressful," she says.

With 23 days to go, Twin oaks residents can only try to figure out a solution to the messy problem on their hands.

The park owner says they can't repair the sewer system until everyone who depends on it moves.

He's offering to help residents with moving expenses. But only if they have good rental payment histories and move to the front end of the mobile home park.


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