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The city of Plains shines brightly

December 1, 2002

Plains- It only took five seconds before the city of Plains shined brightly with a half million lights tonight, thanks to the Osbourne family. Jennings and Mitzi Osbourne, of Little Rock, Arkansas, are responsible for the millions of lights on display at Disney World, Graceland and thirty four different cities in Arkansas, and they decided to bring lights to their dear friend, former President Jimmy Carter's hometown.

Jennings Osbourne is the mastermind behind the lights. After his neighbors in Arkansas complained that he put up too many lights in his yard, he was fined ten thousand dollars and sentenced to ten days in jail, but that sentence was eventually suspended.

Former President Carter says thanks to the Osbournes, his hometown is more beautiful than its ever been before.

The Osbournes say they hope their donation not only lights the city of Plains through the holiday season, but also lights the hearts of everyone who stops to take a look.

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