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Crops are OK despite the heavy rains

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Peanuts, cotton and corn are three of Georgia's biggest cash crops.  And Eddy Henderson grows all three.  He's been in the farm business for a while.

"I left the farm and came back, about 15 years ago now," he said.

But even he wasn't ready for the weather a few weeks ago. How much rain did he get on his farm?  According to Eddy: "18 inches within about two weeks."

You know all of that rain at once isn't good for anyone, even farmers. Now the Hendersons have a big task ahead of them.

"We're having to do a catchup on the fertilizer, especially the nitrogen," he said.

That's because much of the fertilizer washed away with the rain. But there was some good news.

"We were lucky enough we didn't have to replant," he said.

Meanwhile, other farmers around South Georgia weren't so lucky.

According to Doug Collins, an agent with UGA Extension in Lee County, "there was some replanting. Some of the corn, even after the rain, even after it started drying out a little bit, looked poorly."

While some crops were affected by the heavy that we saw a couple of weeks ago, others came through without too much difficulty.

In fact, for the farmers, the only good thing about getting all of that rain was the timing. Crops like peanuts and cotton are just now getting ready to be planted so they missed out on the recent downpours. Both will actually need more rainfall, since they use a lot of moisture as they grow.

"We hope that we'll get rain throughout the growing season," Collins said.

Just hopefully NOT 18 inches at a time. Despite some of the difficulties brought on by the heavy rains, Eddy is like many farmers: "every year you hope for the best."

And he is like all of the other farmers in South Georgia who are hoping that nature is kinder to them than she was a few weeks ago. In Dougherty County, Jay Polk WALB News 10.>


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