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Liquor stores aren't worried about Sunday sales

November 30, 2002

Albany- For some restaurants the suds will be flowing on Sunday. There's only one day left before some restaurants and hotels will be able to serve alcohol, but the liquor stores doors will be closed.

The new ordinance doesn't include them and they say that's okay. "I don't believe anyone in the spirits retail and in the business would want to open a package store on Sunday. I definitely do not want to come in here on Sunday; I don't think it's right," says The Winery employee Ed Duffy.

"I think that was designed to draw businesses and conventions to Albany, and my employees as well as myself need a day off," adds Louis Bernard, Manager at The Warehouse.

Not only do some liquor stores say no to being open on Sunday, but they say restaurant liquor sales won't hurt their business either.

"I think the person that stocks up Saturday night to watch his football game will not go to a restaurant to watch a football game. If he's going to a restaurant he going to have a meal with his family," claims Duffy.

And even customers say while Sunday sales are a good for businesses, it won't make them rush to a restaurant.

"It won't change a drinker's habits, and it shouldn't change a non-drinker's habits," says Robert Leach.

"They're not going to go to a restaurant just to watch a game," says Alvin Tyson, Jr.

There seems to be a consensus that while some businesses will get a boost from Sunday sales, the liquor stores won't suffer either.

Duffy even says he hopes the new Sunday sales will encourage more restaurants to come to Albany.

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