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Money is pouring out of South Georgians' pockets

November 30, 2002

Albany-Money, money and more money is what shoppers say is coming out of their pockets. Many say to save money they are looking for the best deals.

Susan Justice is looking for clothes for her little girl, and she doesn't mind ruffling through sales papers because she says she's determined not to go over the limit, and Susan isn't alone.

Elaine Blackenship says her family sets an itemized Christmas budget earlier in the year, and they only have one credit card they use to make purchases, so usually if they don't have the money, they won't make the purchase.

Christmas shoppers say they want to make loved ones happy, but they don't want to be in debt in January, so they look for sales signs like this one.

With Christmas only a month away, these shoppers say they don't want to dig a financial hole for themselves, so they're making sure each dollar they spend goes a long way. Joce

Most shoppers say they pay close attention to sale advertisements in the paper, and they use them as a guide to save money.

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