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Farmers received too much rain

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By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you look at the Flint River you can see that it's really come down quite a bit from it's level of a couple of weeks ago.

But for some people, all of that rain may have done more harm than good.

According to State Climatologist David Stooksbury, all of Southwest Georgia is drought free. And most of that rain fell in one short period a few weeks ago.

The result? While the rivers and lakes are down from the high levels of a few weeks ago, areas that used to be dry are doing a good job of imitating the rivers and lakes.

Even Dry Creek in Worth County isn't so dry anymore. While many South Georgia streets flooded, local farms weren't spared either.

According to Jessica Kingry of Calhoun Produce: "we actually got 14 inches of rain."

While all of the rain pushed the totals to near the normals for the year, getting it all at once is not necessarily a good thing.

"We need the rain, but not quite that much rain," Kingry said.

In fact, Kingry says that too much of the wet stuff can actually be a bad thing.

"When it comes to the strawberries, too much rain is harmful to the strawberries because you don't want that water sitting on the strawberries like that," she said.

Fortunately, the berries survived the deluge. But other crops did suffer some damage

"It did affect the butterbeans, however, but we did have to replant a few but it did not affect them too much," said Kingry.

For people who rely on a steady amount of rainfall for their livelihood, this week's showers are more like what the rain doctor ordered. And they're hoping for nature to give them more drizzles and fewer deluges for the rest of the year.

Kingry said, "a little rain wouldn't be a bad thing."


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