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Parents make the mad dash to Toys R Us

November 29, 2002

Albany- The lines at Toys R Us seemed as though they just wouldn't end, as parents waited with carts full of toys from their kids' Christmas wish lists.

John and Mikey Gaines of Fitzgerald say they don't normally shop this early, but they say this year, they just didn't want to wait to the last minute.

John Gaines says, "We're trying to get ready for Christmas and get in the Christmas spirit for the kids." While there were many happy faces at the cash registers, others say they worry it may be hard to get this season's most popular item.

Store workers say video games, like X-Box are creating a major frenzy, and they can't even keep them on the shelves. Toys R Us sales associate, Melissa Webb, says, "We're just about out of everything, like video games, we almost ran out this morning.

Other parents say while they are trying to make their kids happy they also want them to understand that Christmas means more than just gifts.

Randy Burman says, "We make our kids give away some of their toys before they can get anything else so they learn the true meaning of Christmas."

Many parents also say they made the mad dash to get shopping done early, so they can relax for the rest of the Christmas season. see smiles on their kids' faces on Christmas morning.

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