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Sunday drinking in Albany starts this weekend

November 29, 2002

Albany -- This Sunday will be the first day that alcoholic drinks can be served. Voters passed a referendum allowing the Sunday sales in November. The city commission passed it into law this week, and now customers will be able to buy drinks on Sunday at hotels and restaurants where the majority of their business is food.

The restaurants owners say they expect their business to increase. At Johnny Carinos, managers say being able to sell beer, wine, or mixed drinks will mean a big boost for their Sunday customers. Manager Steve Harris says "It's going to be tremendous for us, Sunday increasing our sales. Our wine alcohol mix will be about 12 to 14 percent on Sundays. And I think that will mean more clientele , especially a lot of the drinkers in town who want to come on out Sunday."

At El Vaquero , customers like to enjoy a margaritas with their Mexican food. Crystal Gay says she voted for Sunday sales in the November election. Gay said "If they would or not to like to have a drink they should have the right to decide for them self, and not have the government decide for them."

Manager Jose Galvan says Sunday sales will greatly increase their profits. Galvan said "Spanish people ask for Mexican beer, but American people want margaritas. They can't eat Mexican food without a margarita, and it will be great to sell them margaritas."

 Johnny Carinos agrees that drink sales will be brisk Sunday. And that means more jobs. Harris said "We're already staffing for the increase that we are expecting. We think it's a good thing for the area, and something that should have been coming for a long time, I think."

Those increased Sunday alcohol sales will also increase tax revenues in Albany, at a time of budget cutbacks. 

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