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Rose bushes ripped from beds in Colonial Village

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Thieves are stooping to new lows in East Albany. Someone is stealing plants that were planted to clean up blight and reduce crime. The thefts started Friday and continued through Wednesday.  

Now neighbors are on alert, and police are patrolling the neighborhood.

If you don't find Harold Williams working on beautifying his own yard, you'll probably find him here, working to beautify his East Albany neighborhood Colonial Village.

"That's our key to beautify our neighborhood, make it look better and hope people feel like it's just not an area people want to take from." he said.

But that's exactly what has happened. "They had got some from up there Friday, then they come back Sunday and got some, then they come back this morning and cleaned us out."

Someone dug up and stole about 20 knock-out rose bushes from three different flower beds Williams and his neighbors established with a blight grant from Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

"We're dedicated to keeping these beds up," said Laverne Levin of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.

But someone is trying to rip them apart. Neighbors chipped in to buy the roses themselves. If they had been left alone and allowed to grow, they would have eventually looked like the ones that have matured.

"It's really petty theft, you can get 'em for $10, but when you take twenty of them at $10 a piece, that gets expensive."

Laverne Levins said, "I think it's a shame that we work so hard, some of us, to beautify the city, to keep Albany and Dougherty County beautiful and people just don't seem to care. It's a shame."

The folks who live here have worked to improve the appearance of the neighborhood in an effort to reduce crime. "We are beautifying East Albany, not pulling it down," said Williams.

And now he hopes that instead of more thefts of the knock-out roses, they'll be able to continue to knock-out crime.

Williams believes the thieves stole the rose bushes to resell them.

He filed a theft report with police, and APD plans to patrol the area regularly.


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