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Georgia most entrepreneurial state in USA

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - According to a recent study, a larger percentage of Georgians own and run their own business per population than any other state, largely because of the economy.

Many South Georgians have lost their jobs, and are having to create their own business to make a living.

Dave Sirmans is the owner and operator of Dave's Computer Service. Sirmans will lose his job at Cooper Tire when the plant closes.

 "Either you can try to find a job, which there are very few, or you can try to make your own job," Sirmans said.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation studies entrepreneurial activity, and found Georgia has more people like Sirmans than any other state.

On average a recent study found that the national average is 320 of 100 thousand adults created a new business each month in 2008. But Georgia the average is 590 per 100,000 adults, higher than any other state.

Three and a half years ago Sirmans thought Cooper would be closing, so he decided to start building a business of his own.

"But I've always had an interest in P.C.'s, as far as fixing and repairing them. So I decided to turn my hobby into a career," Sirmans said.

   The states with the highest entrepreneurial activity rates were:

  • Georgia (590 per 100,000 adults)
  • New Mexico (580 per 100,000 adults)
  • Montana (530 per 100,000 adults)
  • Arizona (490 per 100,000 adults)
  • Alaska (440 per 100,000 adults)
  • California (440 per 100,000 adults)

        The states with the lowest entrepreneurial activity rates were:

    • Pennsylvania (140 per 100,000 adults)
    • Missouri (150 per 100,000 adults)
    • Wisconsin (170 per 100,000 adults)
    • W. Virginia (170 per 100,000 adults)
    • Iowa (190 per 100,000 adults)Ohio (190 per 100,000 adults)

    Sirmans is still working at Cooper and running his business at night until the plant closes. Then it becomes his full time career. Sirmans said many co-workers at Cooper are following his lead.

    "Actually a lot of the people I work with. Some people are trying their own ventures. Or they are teaming up with other people who already have started a job and are working for them."

    The Kauffman study says the recession has caused business creation rates to increase, but that the income potential for most "necessity entrepreneurship" had declined.

    But they say business creators like Dave Sirmans will contribute to the economic growth, innovation and job creation in the United States.

    Business is picking up at Dave's Computer Service. He was named the Chambers' Star Business of the Week, as he grows in his role as a new Georgia entrepreneur.

    The Kauffman study found that senior citizens, people age 55 to 64, had the highest new business creation rate in the nation, while immigrants were second.

        • Click HERE for the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity

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