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Albany burglars caught red handed

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police say they've seen an increase in home burglaries recently, but they say Neighborhood Watches are making a difference.

About 10:30 Tuesday morning neighbors reported a man and a woman breaking into an apartment in the 6-hundred block of West First Avenue.

The burglars pulled an air conditioner out of a window, and the woman crawled inside.

Police caught 65-year old Jackie Armstrong at the house and 39-year old Melissa Cauley a couple of blocks away.

They're charged with burglary.

It was Michael Jackson's apartment, and he knew the burglars.

Jackson said  "I guess you can call them homeless people. One of the guys I even give him food. Feeds the guy. This is the favor he gives me, by burglarizing my apartment."

This is the second day in a row in Albany that Police caught burglars red-handed breaking into homes.

There were 8 reported burglaries or attempted break ins at homes in Albany Monday. Victims say the crimes are frightening, and they are rallying neighbors to protect themselves against crime.

Mechelle Gosha says she returned to her South Shadowlawn home around noon Monday to find her back door broken down, and her television and X-Box, and some clothes stolen.

Gosha got a new re-inforced back door, but says she also talked with her neighbors about more closely watching the neighborhood.

Gohsa said  "I can't be afraid in my own home. I can't be afraid to stay there. I have to stay there. I have to have someplace to stay."

Albany Police say they have noticed the surge in recent burglaries across the city, which is common as summer approaches. They urge people to lock their doors and windows, install low priced alarm systems , and keep an eye on your neighborhood. And call Police if you see suspicious persons.


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