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Firefighters spend Thanksgiving together

November 28, 2002

Albany - It's a thanksgiving tradition for Albany Firefighters. Firefighter, Ronnie Polite, explains, "Being that we're working today. We can't be with our family, so we're going to be with our secondary family, the Fire Department." In between calls, three fire stations cook up a big Thanksgiving meal.

Not everyone gets the day off on holidays. When emergencies happen, heroes are ready to step in, even if it's between taking a bite of turkey. Every Thanksgiving, the firemen at Fire Station One in Albany invite their fire fighting neighbors.

You've heard the saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen", but these firefighters are used to fighting heat together. Polite says, "We're real tight. We have to put our trust in each other, tight as a family."

It's an extended family. Firefighter, Rubin Jordan, says, "My wife at home. I'm gonna hang out and eat with the guys today." Lieutenant Bobby Spargo says, "It's nice to get other two stations here to eat."

Albany Fire Station One invited stations two and five over for Thanksgiving. Jordan says, "I came here to get my grub on I guess."

Firefighters have a dangerous job, everyday counting their blessings. Polite says, "I'm thankful for being alive number one and thankful I'll be able to eat this dinner."

Although these guys are missing out on what's going on at home, they seem to be enjoying their second family.

The firefighters also want to remind you to turn off your ovens after cooking your big Thanksgiving meal.

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