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Albany woman foils burglary at her home

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  The 75-year-old was pulling into her driveway as thieves were trying to clean out her home. The burglars got away, but only after ramming the woman's car to escape.

Sammie Turner had only been away from her Lullwater Road home for about half an hour to run errands. When she returned, burglars were going through her home looking for goods to take away.

Her daughter Lisa Wright tells the story. "About 9:10 she drove up in her front driveway and saw an individual in her yard and knew that he shouldn't have been that close to her home."

She continued up the drive and saw a black pickup truck backed beneath her carport. As she parked her car, she noticed a man crawling out of her kitchen window and then in his truck.

"To escape, he had to pull up and then he rammed the back of my mother's car and took off," Wright said.

 Not long after the thieves left, Jill Oliver arrived to install an alarm system. "We have been installing a lot of systems lately," Oliver said.

With home invasions and burglaries on the rise, she says alarm installations are too.  "An alarm system is all about peace of mind and a good nights sleep."

Plus, it's a good way to scare off the crooks and bring on police. "She came up when they were here and that's normally when you get hurt, because usually burglars do not want to be caught. They don't want to see anybody. I think she would have already known if she had had the alarm because the police would have been notified and they would have been gone. She wouldn't have been in danger then."

Though her car was damaged and Turner's window pane will need to be replaced, as the burglars left her home, they left without their loot.

Wright said, "They didn't get away with anything and thank goodness she wasn't hurt." Now with a new alarm system installed, she hopefully won't become a victim again.

One of the burglars ran away from Turner's house, but he walked back by a few minutes later and was arrested. Police are still looking for the man who rammed her car.

He was driving a black pickup truck with lots of chrome, as she described it. If you have information, call Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS.


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