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So. Ga. player breaks scoring record



November 27, 2002

Dasher - Tuesday night's basket put 17-year-old Kelly McMullen at 2,000 points-- a basketball record at Georgia Christian School.

"This really means a lot to me, because it's a huge accomplishment I never thought I'd make," said McMullen.

The event is a mile marker in McMullen's basketball career, which began at the Valdosta Boys and Girls Club nearly eight years ago, and she hopes won't end with graduation.

"I picked up the ball in fifth grade and couldn't put it down," said McMullen. "I really want to pursue it in the future and hope it will remain part of my life forever."

McMullen's coach, Phil Guthrie, says she's a role moldel both on and off of the court. "She is truly a coach's dream and someone for younger girls look up to and want to be like," said Guthrie.

And he's proud to have been part of such a rare accomplishment. "This is rare in boys or girls basketball," said Guthrie. "She's the first to make 2000 points here at Georgia Christian, and not many high schoolers have done it in the state."

McMullen isn't sure where she wants to attend college or what she'll major in. But wherever the road leads, basketball will be sure to follow.

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