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Model Airplanes swarm Andersonville

By Jay Polk - bio | email

Andersonville, GA (WALB) - Like many radio controlled airplane enthusiasts, Jeff Meyers got the itch to fly at an early age.

"I've been flying since I was six years old," he said.

And like many of his fellow flyers, Jeff carried his love for RC airplanes into adulthood, even joining a club. Eight years ago, his club decided to put on a show, and they quickly realized that they needed a little more room than they could find in Metro Atlanta.

"It turns out that there are only two facilities in the southeast United States that are big enough to hold an event of this scale," Meyers said.

And one of those spots, was this field outside of Andersonville. seven years later, this show has become one of the largest in the world.

Meyers said, "We have 450 pilots here. And each pilot brings 8 to 10 planes. So we could have somewhere close to four to five thousand airplanes out here at the event."

Making this stretch of field even busier than Hartsfield Airport this weekend! And the best part- no lost luggage! But there more than just hobby aircraft here.

While most model airplaning is done for fun, there's one plane here this weekend that's helping to save our brave young men and women who are serving our country.

The Army is using a remote controlled plane, made of a flexible carbon and fiber mix which has a very important mission.

According to Laine Stahr of the U. S. Army, this micro UAV can get: "Surveillance of things that they can't see or they need to know what's going on somewhere."

Soldiers can easily deploy it whenever and wherever its needed.

"They pull it out, it pops open, they plug in the battery, get a GPS link and take off," Stahr said.

In his day job, Laine flies Blackhawk helicopters at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He says that despite the obvious size difference, there are similarities between flying the two.

"The aerodynamic part of it was so much easier after learning RC when flying Blackhawks. You can apply it out to full scale. It's no different," he said.

Proving that this popular hobby can be more than just something fun to do on the weekend. And with more and more people taking up this type of flying, there are certain to be many happy landings ahead.

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