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Did it rain frogs???

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Putney, Georgia woman has a smelly frog problem that's just about trapped the family in their home.  

Brenda Lewis' yard looks like it's alive-- and it is!  It seems there are millions of little frogs in her yard.  They hatched out of flood waters that nearly reached her front door on Nichols Road.  

Now she and her family are forced to stay inside or rush out of the house to keep the frogs from invading, and unfortunately that's not the worst part.

"Some of the frogs have died and now the maggots are eating them so there's a smell to it and yesterday there were buzzards hovering over the garden where the maggots are so the smell is really bad!" she said.

Brenda describes it as a rotten meat smell.  Dougherty County says because it's private property, they can't help, but Environmental Health Officials recommended a private pest control company or lime to clear up the smell and maggots, which the Lewis' spread today. 


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