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Avoiding those Holiday Blues

November 26, 2002

Albany - The holiday season isn't so happy or merry for many people. Depression and stress increase during the five weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Albany Therapist John Stoeckel says people are often overcome with stress from shopping, overspending, overeating, entertaining, and traveling. More than just the elderly, or those who are alone, get depressed during the holidays. Thinking about what makes you happy and then doing it is the best way to keep from away the blues.

"People get engulfed in the holiday commotion," said Stoeckel. "They end up doing things they don't want to do like overspending or spending time with people that make them unhappy."

You may want to visit a therapist if your depression last longer than 5 weeks or if you find yourself not enjoying the things you once enjoyed. And, the Behavior Health Center at Phoebe offers free consultations.

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