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Mayor issues lie detector challenge

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Mayor of Albany challenged an ousted WG&L board member to take a polygraph test. Carol Fullerton claimed she was unfairly kicked off the WG&L board; but Mayor Willie Adams says she was warned that unexcused absences would lead to her ouster.

The Mayor says he's prepared to put his own job on the line to prove that he's telling the truth.

Thursday's Water, Gas and Light meeting started off interesting with the Mayor skipping over an agenda item to correct previous meeting minutes to show Carol Fullerton's three consecutive absences as excused. "I am in charge of this meeting," he said.

And it ended even more interesting with the Mayor issuing a challenge. Our camera was rolling.  "This is why the press is here and I'm going to give you something to be excited about." Adams said. "I'm going to issue Mr. Edwards and you this challenge that within the next 24 hours, the three of us submit to a polygraph these about this issue, and if I am proven to be wrong, if I am proven to some of these bad things I've been accused of, being vindictive, after Mrs. Fullerton, I will resign as Mayor of Albany."

The Mayor says he's not trying to get back at Fullerton because she co-sponsored a consolidation bill in the Georgia house. Rather, he says the city is simply following administrative protocol by removing her after she missed three meetings in a row without an excuse.

"It will exonerate, and tell who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth."

When asked what he thought they were lying about, Adams replied: "I didn't say they were lying. They're not taking the polygraph, they refuse to take it. I'm still available."

When it was suggested that the only reason he would issue a polygraph challenge is if he thought someone was lying, he said, "I want to know who's telling the truth."

The Mayor says he's not so sure that a phone with conference call capability was in the board room for the January, February and March meetings as Rep. Fullerton and General Manager Lem Edwards state.

So who will take the challenge?  "I have nothing to hide as far as a polygraph, but I'm not going to take a polygraph test over this mess. I'm not," Edwards said.

"Oh that's ridiculous," said Fullerton. "Because he knew that we wouldn't do that. Lem and I would both pass, I don't know about him, but we would both pass."

The full board, including the Mayor, voted to send a letter to the city commission asking that Fullerton's absences be shown as excused and that she remain on the WG&L board. If she isn't, Fullerton said the battle will continue.

"I'm willing to take it to court to get an injunction."

But she nor the General Manager will be taking part in the Mayor's challenge. For now, she remains off the board.

While the WG&L board voted to send a letter to the city commission asking for Fullerton to remain on the board, and for her absences to be excused, no vote was taken to amend the minutes from those meetings to show her absences as excused.


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