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Defibrillator Giveaway

November 26, 2002

 Albany -- Phoebe Putney's Community Visions Foundation gave 65-thousand dollars worth of automatic external defibrillators and the training to use them to the 7 Southwest Georgia counties.

Their fire departments and E.M.S. will put them in emergency vehicles in remote areas where they can save lives. The defibrillators can give heart steadying shocks in case of sudden cardiac arrest. The sooner the victim gets treatment, the better their chance of survival.

Phoebe hopes by putting as many defibrillators as possible throughout Southwest Georgia, more heart attack victims will be saved.

Colquitt County Fire Coordinator Gerald Psalmond said " We have areas in the county that it takes an ambulance at least 30 minutes to get there running as fast as they can run. So this is really going to help us as far as being able to deliver a service to our community."

The Phoebe Foundation also gave 21 thousand dollars in grant money to the American Heart Association, Ritz Cultural Center, the American Lung Association, and the Alzhelmer's Association.

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