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Molesting mom gets probation

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November 26, 2002

Albany-- A Dougherty County woman gets probation for molesting her two young children. During sentencing, the Judge said she is as much a victim as anyone who has ever been in his court.

Attorney Craig Mathis pleading for his client, 29-year-old Virgie Holmes. She was convicted last week of six counts of child molestation and abuse. Prosecutors say Holmes molested her two young sons and allowed her grandfather to abuse them.

But at sentencing, several family members told how the grandfather, Lloyd Phelps, had also molested them. They said Holmes, who is mentally diminished, was not able to protect herself or her children from Phelps. He is now in the Southwestern State Regional Hospital in Thomasville.

"She has been the victim of threats and coercion of a man who I wish I had standing before me now," said Judge Loring Gray. Judge Gray sentenced Holmes to ten years probation and counseling. "In 17 years on the bench, I can think of no case where the defendant is so much a victim," said Judge Gray.

Holmes' mother, Peggy Mainor, said her family is joining together to end generations of abuse. "My family is going to get help. Anytime we think there is a problem we'll call a family conference," said Mainor. "We'll get it on the table and dealt with immediately, instead of shoving it under the rug like this child abuse thing has been done for years."

The two sons will remain in the custody of their father. But his family says they are concerned about visits with Virgie Holmes. Lloyd Phelps was arrested two years ago for child molestation, when he was 75-years-old.

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