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There's nothing like a cozy fire



November 26, 2002

Dougherty County-- The cooler temperatures returning to South Georgia mean an economic boom for firewood sales. People are scrambling to buy wood, so they can build a warm fire on a cold holiday night.

That means a lot of hard work and long hours for firewood salesmen. Todd Merritt can split and stack firewood with the best of them. And Merritt has been busy delivering firewood to customers the last two weeks, since the first sign of cold weather.

Merritt said, "Yea, they are cold and want some fire to keep them warm through these holidays."

Merritt has built his business up over the years with regular customers, but like most of us, they wait to the last minute to call for wood. "I use the firewood business and refer it to how you drive your car. You don't stop to get gas until you are out."

Todd says he has been busy, making sure lots of people will be happy over the holidays. "During Christmas and Thanksgiving, it's just something about being at home with your family and a fire."

The cost of firewood has not gone up much. Most providers charge according to the size pickup truck they deliver it in. Merritt said "Some people show up in a small S-10 pickup and they charge about 50 bucks. I show up in a F-350 extended cab and longwheel base and those loads usually are from 75 to 85 bucks, unless I take a trailer with me."

Always be safe with a fire in your home. Fire officials suggest you have your chimney inspected or cleaned every two years. And make sure you have working smoke detectors in the home.

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