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School teacher in jail for murder

November 26, 2002

Albany, Ga. - After what was likely a long night in jail, 53-year old Bill Scheer walked into the jail courtroom at 8:00 a.m.

Dressed in a bright orange jail jump suit, Scheer had little to say as Judge Baxter Howell read the charge against him.

Just 12 hours earlier, Scheer was arrested at his Pheasant Drive home in the northwest Albany Lake Park neighborhood.

And as he was led away, Scheer proclaimed his innocence.

It was September 13, 1990 that 83-year-old William Henry Scheer was hit in the head with a golf club in an upstairs bedroom of the home he shared with his son's family.

Bill Scheer was a suspect from the beginning, but wasn't charged until now. Scheer's lawyer, Pete Donaldson, says Scheer has been cooperative with investigators and he doesn't like the way the case is being handled.

"We told the D.A. that Mr Scheer would surrender, but they wanted to come pick him up. It's ticker tape prosecution, just a game," says Donaldson.

At Monroe High, where Scheer has taught since August 1990, students and staff are surprised by his arrest.

"We are very concerned about Mr. Scheer's welfare," says Carlos Keith, Deputy School Superintendent.

"A lot of people on staff weren't around when the incident happened. But we are concerned about him and we want justice served," he said.

Bill Scheer is still on staff at Monroe and if he posts bond, he's free to return to work. Unless he agrees to stay out of the classroom, the school board will have to hold a hearing on the charges against him before he can be removed from his job.

Prosecutors say William Henry Scheer was killed for his fortune. He was a retired inventor for Bell Telephone.

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