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Neighbors get street smart

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The recent string of home invasions and break-ins in several South Georgia counties put many people on alert.

One Albany neighborhood hosted a free crime seminar to teach people how to protect themselves.

There are more than 600 homes in the Doublegate neighborhood, during a seminar on Wednesday people who live there got information to reduce their chances of becoming crime victims.

"We teach people what to look for," said Bill Cain National Crime Prevention Task Force.

Bill Cain is with the National Crime prevention Task Force.

"With all the electronics we have as we try to combat crime they reverse it and use it on us. They've just now come out with a jammer that will jam cell phones, and I can get behind you and push that and you're not calling anyone," said Cain.

He explained one of the easiest ways to protect your family is to be more aware.

"We get a false sense of security especially from sunshine, we think when the sun is out it's a little halo on our heads, and nothing bad is going to happen, there are actually more crimes committed during the daylight hours," said Cain.

"It's some scary stuff going on," said David Campbell.

Campbell lives in this community and learned tips he can use.

"A garage door opener will open numerous doors so you have to reset them when you get in your homes and people fail to lock the inside door," said Campbell.

Another no-no, open garages with no one in sight; it's one of the easiest ways for someone to get into your house.

"About 60 percent of all burglars will come through the garage," said Cain

"After you go through this program you're much more aware than you were before," said Campbell.

The street smart seminar is free.


For information on the 'Street Smart' seminar contact Bill Cain at 1 (888)-806-1199 or email him at


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