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Daniel's journey is his dream

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

COLQUITT, GA (WALB) - A man who's literally "living the map" is in South Georgia.  His name is Daniel Seddiqui. He WAS a struggling college graduate who just couldn't get a job.

In fact, he failed more than 40 interviews. They told him he had no experience. But all that's changed now. He's working his way across the country holding jobs in every state he visits. 

Twelve feet above the ground, Birdsong peanut's newest employee got a lesson in peanut sampling. But 27-year-old Daniel Seddiqui isn't your average worker in south Georgia.

He's from California, and this is the 32nd job he's had, in the past 32 weeks. Last week he was a high school football coach in Alabama...19 weeks ago...he worked as a wedding coordinator in Las Vegas...

All a part of his mission - to work 50 jobs - in all 50 states - in just 50 weeks. Now he's in Colquitt, Georgia.  "I didn't know much about peanuts. I'm learning. Everyday I learn something new."

From sampling to grading - he does it all. Birdsong Peanut employees are glad to have the extra set of hands. "Obviously with the current bad press, we really enjoy people coming down here and wanting to learn about peanuts."

Daniel Seddiqui says a lot about south Georgia surprised him. He had no idea so much work went into processing peanuts. But what surprised him the most about south Georgia has nothing to do with what people eat, but everything to do with the way they talk.

"I get kidded about my accent a good bit," he laughs. "I expected Alabama or Mississippi to be the deep south, but this is pretty deep. Actually the thickest accents I've heard so far."

Daniel's next stop is Florida. He's set up to work at Universal Studios in Florida. That's why he chose the peanut industry here.


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