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Wary woman won't fall for scam letter

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Scam letters have been received this week by several people in Albany and Dougherty County. With the letters are very real looking checks for thousands of dollars made out to the intended victims.

Mary Hill says when she opened the letter, the check inside grabbed her attention immediately. She took a second look because the check was made out from the same bank used for her charge card.

"I got a check from my charge card. So I looked, and I said no charge card is sending me $3,210. So I said this is one of the scam checks,"  Hill said.

With the check was a letter telling Hill she could make thousands of dollars by being a mystery shopper. All she had to do was wire hundreds of dollars to an address, then cash the check. "Scam, scam, scam!" Hill said.

These con artists target senior citizens, but Hill saw through this scam, and knew that most of them are run out of Canada.

 "The name of it is Blue Seal Staffing. The address is Raleigh, North Carolina. But on the stamp is Canada," Hill said.

Hill says she knew it was a scam because of stories we have run warning you, and she wanted to warn her neighbors so they don't fall prey.

"Let somebody know, so they can get it out. So people know these are floating around in Albany."

Mary Hill said the check is very tempting, but warns people not to fall for this scam, or you could be a big loser.

Jonathan Luke from Putney received a similar letter and check Monday, and turned it over to Dougherty County Police. Investigators warn you not to deposit these checks. They are fakes, and it's very likely that the scammers will clean out your checking account if you do.


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