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Former students restore alma mater

November 25, 2002

Newton- Bessie King is a teacher at Monroe High but she never forgets the ten years she taught at what used to be Baker Elementary and High School.

She is a member of the Twenty-first Century Community Corporation, a group that is restoring the old building. Not only did all the other members graduate from Baker, but most of them sat in King's class at one time.

Former students say walking through the halls of the school remind them of their times as a student there.

The school has only been vacant since last year...but the building has an extensive history. It was Baker County's first separate but equal school, and over the years has been an elementary school, high school, and all-boys school.

The 45 member group leased the school from the board of education, and is using all their own money and manpower to restore the building. Eventually it will become a community resource center, with a computer lab and daycare center.

King says not much has changed with her students. They used to band together when they got in trouble and now they're coming together to add a new face to their alma mater and breathe some life into their community.

The group will hold a banquet December 14th to raise money for the renovations. Georgia Appeals Court Judge Herbert Phipps will speak at the ceremony.

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