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Fire prevention tips follow fatal fires

November 25, 2002

ALBANY - Just as we begin talking fire safety with Albany's Assistant Chief James Carswell, the sirens go off. This time it's not a fire from someone trying to heat their home, but often in winter months it is.

"There are more heat related fires, because they happen after people gone to sleep, the number of fire deaths increases dramatically," Carswell said.

Eight Georgians died over the weekend in house fires. While South Georgia was lucky this time, firefighters remind you to always be cautious when heating your home.

"People assume fires only happen to others, can happen to anyone."

None of the homes had smoke detectors. If you need a smoke detector, you can get one free by dialing 1 404 656 2070.

"Why anyone would let their family go to sleep at night without a $10 dollar purchase that could save there lives is beyond me."

Also important, fire prevention, firefighters demonstrate how quickly items left too close to a space heater can heat up. The problem too many people try to save on heating bills running them round the clock.

"Fire places, wood burning stoves all designed to augment regular heat not in place of."

Some other fire safety tips, keep electric space heaters out of bathrooms and away from water. Also, have your chimney cleaned and never go to sleep with a fire still going.

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