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Copper thieves knock out phones

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Three hundred feet of Copper phone line was stolen Monday night by some bold thieves.

That left people on the Dougherty/Worth county line without critical phone service and pulled six AT&T trucks from what they were doing to repair the lines.

Eddie Sutton runs a trucking business from his home, by phone, fax and computer. But not Tuesday. "I've got a truck sitting in Virginia right now. We can't load him because we have no phone," he said.

Around 9 o'clock Tuesday night, Sutton's phone and internet went dead. "We're just shut down."

Thieves apparently looking for some quick money, cut and stole about 300 feet of Copper phone line.

Sutton's neighbor Clifford Butler doesn't need his phone line for his business, but for his health. "I have dialysis..."

But last night his wife couldn't get through. And out here, cell phone service isn't always reliable. Butler said the thieves were probably just looking for a quick way to make cash. "It probably had to be a junkie that would take that cable wire and sell it just enough for a fix."

But for now, AT&T crew members are working to fix the lines and get the folks who live out here like these two neighbors up and running.

AT&T told us service was restored to all of the customers in that area Tuesday afternoon.

Dougherty County Police are working on the theft investigation.


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