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Pie Wars

November 25, 2002

Albany - Besides turkey, pie is the one treat that's sure to be on your Thanksgiving table. More pies are eaten on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year, according to the National Pie Council. The most popular desserts - pumpkin and sweet potato. So we asked South Georgians which one should win the battle of the pies?

"Pumpkin, definitely pumpkin," said Tim Beckwar. Americans spend more than $1-billion on frozen and fresh pies each Thanksgiving.

"We sell more than 1,000 pies over the four days leading up to Thanksgiving," said Publix Bakery Manager Karen Westbrook. That makes it hard to keep pumpkin and sweet potato pies on the shelf at Publix bakery in Albany.

So which dessert is the most popular? "We sell more pumpkin pies than sweet potato, about twice as many," said Westbrook.

But why? "Since I was a child, my family has eaten pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. It's just a tradition," said Beckwar.

Maybe pumpkin is a Thanksgiving tradition, but sweet potato has benefits too."Sweet potato pie is so sweet and delicious," said another shopper.

Can't decide between sweet potato and pumpkin pie -- why bother -- just enjoy a piece of both this Thanksgiving.

Pecan pie is also a big seller at Thanksgiving, but the dessert is more popular at Christmas.

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