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College applications overwhelming admissions

November 25, 2002

Albany -- High school seniors are busy applying for admission to college. And the colleges and universities are being overwhelmed with applications. A boom in the high school population, and the students now applying to more and more colleges is causing a blizzard of paperwork at admission offices.

 Applying to college can be expensive and stressful for the student. Deerfield Windsor senior Kathryn Davis filed applications with 4 universities. But she worked hard to cut her choice of colleges.

Davis said "All through my junior year I went and looked at 8 schools. This year I narrowed that down. But it's taken me about a year and 3 months."

Many high school seniors are not as diligent as Kathryn. Many are applying at as many as ten colleges, to sort out their possibilities. Experts say that is partly due to youthful indecision. Another part is that college admission is very competitive.

Deerfield Windsor guidance counselor Sarah Orgel said "I don't think that anybody is so overconfident that they would fill out one application. Plus kids change and come May when it's time to plunk down the money, they may have a change of heart about where they want to go."

At Albany State University, admissions form are piled high on recruiters desks as they sort through the paperwork. ASU's applications are up nearly 200 percent over last year.

Director of Admissions Dr. Valencia Price said "Transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, we handled over 70 thousand pieces of paper."

 At Darton College , admissions are also soaring. Stephanie Shiver with the Darton admissions office said "We also had record enrollment again this fall, so we are feeling the increase."

The college's charge may help cut down on applications, because it's get expensive for high school seniors. Davis said "My applications cost around 40 dollars apiece, and so that's over 100 dollars just to see if you are going to get into the college."

Kathryn Davis is anxiously awaiting notice from the University of Georgia to see if she is accepted. She like most other seniors have applications at several other universities just in case.

 Nationwide more than 3 million high school seniors are expected to graduate next year.

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