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Race track proposal tabled again

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November 25, 2002

Lowndes County - Bill Langdale represents the Lake Park race track developer, Larry Dean, and has asked the Lowndes County planning board table the issue until their next meeting.

"We want to finish our noise studies, and we're redesigning the plan to make sure we've addressed all of the opposition's concerns," said Langdale.

Opponents have made the same request in order to complete their own research. Tyson McLane lives about a mile and a half from the proposed race track site, and says residents have a number of concerns.

"We're worried about the noise pollution, the quality of life that will be disrupted, and a number of other factors," said McLane.

Those in favor of the race track say a large nearby hill will block out most of the noise, and the new design includes even more sound barriers. But the opposition says their research shows different results.

"We've found one case where even an 1800 feet ridge didn't block out the noise," said McLane.

But Langdale says his client won't do anything to disrupt the opposition's lifestyle, and is even considering several other sites.

"Larry Dean does not want to put his name on anything unless it's going to benefit this community, even if it means going back to the drawing board," said Langdale.

Since the planning commission is only a recommending board, the issue will still be on Lowndes County commissioners' December 10th agenda, but will most likely be tabled until the planning commission makes a recommendation.

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