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Neighbor helps get family burning home

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Firefighters stormed into 312 West Mercer Avenue. Armed with fire hoses , they doused flames that could be seen all the way from Oglethorope Boulevard. And neighbors say this massive blaze started out very small.

"It just started on the back porch when I saw it." Nichol Clark was the first one to see the fire and immediately sprung into action. "I didn't want anyone to get hurt in there. And I thought if this is a fire, they can't know what is going on."

Clark started banging on a side window for the couple in the burning home to get out. "If it wouldn't have been for me I don't think they would have gotten out safely," said Clark.

Witnesses say the fire started near a small bush by the back porch. And it didn't take long for those flames to spread to the rest of the home. "By the time he opened up the back door it got up to about right there," said Clark.

Firefighters estimate the damage to the duplex to be around $150,000. $10,000 of that was smoke and fire damage to the neighboring home. "If I would have thought that it would do all of that, I would have put the fire out myself," said Clark.

And those who live near by were all shocked by how much damage was done by something that started out so small. "I feel very sad because it could have been me, me and my two kids. I thank God that it wasn't, and my heart goes out to their family," said Clark.

But she is thankful that she was able to prevent the loss of any lives. Albany firefighters still don't know what exactly ignited those flames. Fire investigators will be sent to the home next week to help determine the cause.


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