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Students speak out against violence

November 23, 2002

Albany- Dozens students have pledged to help keep violence out of their school. They are part of an organization called S.A.V.E. or, Students Against Violence Everywhere.

Bomb threats were made on Lee and Lowndes County schools this week, and a Radium Middle School 8th grader was caught with a 9-millimeter pistol in his bookbag.

Still, Radium Middle School Principal Geraldine Hudley says groups like S.A.V.E. prevent many problems.

S.A.V.E. even brings in mentors like Albany State basketball players.

With violence plaguing our schools and nation many say S.A.V.E. is just the thing students need.

The incidents at the Lee county schools are still under investigation. The student who brought the gun to Radium Middle is scheduled go before a tribunal.

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