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Digital channel 17 up and running

November 22, 2002

Albany-- A new day is dawned at WALB. This morning, our new digital signal was switched on. Now, people with T.V.'s that have digital capability and a digital antenna can see for themselves the theatre-like quality it offers.

Station manager Jim Wilcox did the honors, turning on the high definition digital television transmitter at 9:50 Friday morning. Nearly one million dollars, and two years of labor, went into making this historic day happen.

WALB General Manager Jim Wilcox says, "We're really proud to lead the stations in Southwest Georgia by being the first station to bring digital service to our viewers."

Although it took nearly two years to plan, the actual digital antenna went up quickly.

Monday morning, workers attached pulley's to WALB's 300 foot tower.

Cables were hooked to the pulleys and run up and down the tower.  By 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, the antenna had been assembled moved up the tower using the cables.  On Tuesday, the antenna was attached to the tower.

But, this is just the beginning of the digital age at WALB. Another three million dollars will be spent over the next two years bringing in new equipment, like editors, cameras, and switchers.

This new digital signal will have no effect on WALB's over the air broadcast on Channel 10, nor will it affect the broadcast you receive on Cable TV.

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