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Downtown oaks struggle for life

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Georgia Forestry Commission is working with the Flint Riverquarium to save six Live Oak trees, struggling to survive in downtown Albany.

The trees were planted about five years ago next to the Riverquarium. The tops of the trees aren't producing leaves and some of the trees seem sparse.

The Forestry Commission believes the trees can be saved so they enlisted the help of the National tree Preservation which today had trouble using tools to break up the dirt around the trees because the ground is so hard.

"It cost quite a bit to replace them, and we have someone here with the National Tree Preservation that if they can get the ground aerated and inject some nutrients into the ground and hopefully they'll come out of it," said Chuck Norvell of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

"The basic thing it's got to have is oxygen, and it's not getting oxygen. The white feeder root of that tree is just like we are if we don't get air in five to 10 minutes, we die, if that root system doesn't get air in five to ten minutes it starts to die back," said Bob Fulgham of National Tree Preservation, Inc. 

The National Tree Preservation plans to stop back for other treatments to the trees at least twice more this year.


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