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Gun found in school locker

November 21, 2002

Worth County Schools will increase security after a gun was found in a high school locker last week. 

Two students are charged with having a weapon on school property, a student was founs with a 22 calibur derringer in his locker, and had the bullets to go with it tucked in his sock. Another student is said to have supplied the gun.

Now the school board is considering buying hand-held metal detectors.

Kenneth Goseer, Worth Co. Principal said, "Don't think there was any malice intent, but accidents can happen, kids came to a rescue and did a marvelous job."

The two sixteen year olds are awaiting a hearing at the Youth Development Center. They've been suspended for ten days and still face more punishment from the school. Worth County's zero tolerance policy calls for anywhere from one years suspension to expulsion.

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