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Another bomb threat in Lee County

November 21, 2002

A few minutes after school started at Lee County Elementary, a student found a folded note on the floor of the girl's bathroom.

The note threatened a bomb at 10:30 a.m.

Within minutes, the students were evacuated from the building, moved by bus to the old elementary campus about a mile away.

The Albany Marine Base bomb squad searched the building. No bomb was found. Students were returned to school at 12:30 this afternoon. Today's terroristic threat follows a similar incident Monday at Lee County Middle School.

Superintendent, Dr. Bill Lewis, says, "I hate in this day and time these things happen. In every situation up to now has proven to have no substance. But we can't back off because of that."

There will be system wide changes made for security reasons. Students can only bring mesh or clear book bags to school. There are no suspects in either cases. Leesburg Police Chief Charlie Moore says the GBI might be called in to help investigate both incidents.

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